3 Types Of Xanax Bars Parents Should Be Aware Of


Xanax (Alprazolam) is an anti-anxiety medication. While it is typically used to treat individuals with anxiety, it is often abused for its sedative effects. Given that the drug contains intense sedative effects and that it works quickly, Xanax is highly abused and poses a severe risk of misuse. 

The sedative, calming effects that are helpful in those with anxiety are problematic when Xanax is abused. Individuals without a prescription for Xanax may seek out the drug illegally to achieve the same sedative effects. Since it has a high likelihood of being abused, Xanax is not sold without a prescription. 

As parents, you want to ensure that your child is always safe. Understanding what Xanax looks like and its forms is essential to keeping your children away from drug abuse. For more information, continue reading for details on the three types of xanax bars parents like you should be aware of. 

Understanding xanax bars 

  • Millions of prescriptions are filled every year for Xanax, which increases accessibility to the drug. Xanax bars can be found in multiple shapes and colors. 
  • With xanax bars, the strength of GABA is boosted; this neurotransmitter slows down neuron function, causing mental sedation and decreased anxiety symptoms. 
  • When one is abusing xanax bars, they may feel excessively tired and risk overdosing from slowed breathing rate and convulsions. 
  • Xanax bars are classified by potency. They are called “bars” because they look like small candy bars. Those abusing xanax bars are looking to use high drug strengths to achieve strong sedative effects quickly. 
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Red “R666” Bars

Xanax bars can come in a variety of colors and shapes. The most important one to note is the red Xanax bar. These are always fake and are never sold as prescription drugs. The red ones are stamped with “R666” on the side. Most of these pills are purchased on the dark web or elsewhere online and should always be avoided. 

3mg Pink Pills

Another high-strength Xanax bar to be aware of is the 3 mg pink pill. Many individuals seeking high sedative effects will gravitate towards the pink bars, which can be round, spherical, and oval-shaped. It is important to remember that not all xanax bars look like bars, such as the pink pill, which may look like a legitimate anxiety medication but is still a street drug. 

Green 2mg Bars

Parents should also be aware of green xanax bars, one of the most popular forms. Many people seeking a high dose of Xanax will use green bars because of the 2 mg strength. 2 mg is a high dose of Xanax, which is why these are sought out by those abusing the drug and can be very dangerous.

Helping Your Child Overcome Addiction 

If your child is not on anxiety medication, and you spot pills or other medications in their possession, intervene immediately. Reach out to a drug detox facility to address potential substance abuse and related mental health conditions that may be affecting your child’s health. 

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