Earn achievements by completing difficult tasks in the game Cut the Rope 2. There are a total of 25 achievements you can achieve. This page shows a list of all achievements from the game and explains how to earn them.

Green Scout achievement

Green Scout

Collect all stars in the Forest

Stones and Water achievement

Stones and Water

Complete the Sandy Dam

Deep Diver achievement

Deep Diver

Collect all stars in the Sandy Dam

Hills of Metal achievement

Hills of Metal

Complete the Junkyard

Nothing is Wasted achievement

Nothing is Wasted

Collect all stars in the Junkyard

Rainy Day achievement

Rainy Day

Complete the City Park

Puddle Jumper achievement

Puddle Jumper

Collect all stars in the City Park

Secret Passage achievement

Secret Passage

Complete the Underground

Braveheart achievement


Collect all stars in the Underground

Fruit Time achievement

Fruit Time

Complete the Fruit Market

Fresh Juice achievement

Fresh Juice

Collect all stars in the Fruit Market

Ropes Exterminator achievement

Ropes Exterminator

Cut 200 ropes

Inflight Snack achievement

Inflight Snack

Feed Om Nom while he’s in the air

Curiosity achievement


Check About screen

Good Catch achievement

Good Catch

Catch Om Nom with Roto 10 times

Party Crasher achievement

Party Crasher

Pop 100 red balloons

Sea Stars achievement

Sea Stars

Collect 10 stars underwater

Tip of the Tongue achievement

Tip of the Tongue

Reach candy with the tip of Lick’s tongue

Growing Population achievement

Growing Population

Create 100 Blues

Levitation achievement


Keep the candy in the air for 10 seconds using magnets

Creepy Flight achievement

Creepy Flight

Use Boo to scare Om Nom in the air

Boo Alert achievement

Boo Alert

Use Boo the press the red button

Mission Accomplished achievement

Mission Accomplished

Complete 100 missions

Slow and steady achievement

Slow and steady

Travel 100 meters with Snailbrow



Posted on 04/22/2014

I there any way to find out which one I am missing?


Posted on 04/28/2014

how do i “check about screen”?


Posted on 05/07/2014

I missed only check about screen. But i dont know what must i to do to becone this Medaille

Kenneth Thurston

Posted on 05/08/2014

Where do I go to check my achievements. I only got 2 left. But there is no way to check which ones I need


Posted on 05/14/2014

to get the ‘curiosity’, just check the credits(‘setting’-‘about’)


Posted on 05/16/2014

I’ve completed every level, gotten every star. I’ve got 352/352 medals, but only 21/22 trophies. There seems to be absolutely NO WAY to figure out which ONE I’m missing. Is this a flaw in the game — or are they trying to drive me crazy?


Posted on 05/18/2014

I have 352/352 medals and 21/22 achivem.Where’s the last achievement? I don’t find out it. Please, help me! QUIQLY!!!!


Posted on 05/23/2014

I had to log in with g+ to see the Achievements. Before I logged in I had 18/22. Now I can see the achievements but it look slike I have to redo everything. My starts are still there but the achievement is not achieved.


Posted on 05/26/2014

how do you found the achievement list on your phone


Posted on 06/04/2014

I finished the last one I was missing — it turned out to be “Levitation.” 10 seconds *IN THE AIR* is actually a pretty long time.

Levitation achieveme

Posted on 06/13/2014

I’m also having problem to get this one. Could you please advice in which level you’ve been successful and how long it really took instead of 10 seconds? Thanks


Posted on 06/16/2014

I found that Levitation is can only be achieved in level 3-10.” in android version it’s level 62, but i still can’t do this achievement. 🙁


Posted on 06/26/2014

How to do Levitation achvement??


Posted on 06/30/2014

I have got 352 of 352 medals but only 21 of 22 achievements. I’m missing levitation!10 seconds is a really long time,and I can only get it on 3-9.On android,it is level 62. I still have no Levitation,even though I’m up to 4-5.


Posted on 07/01/2014

Once you have completed the levitation acheivment during play on the i-phone you see a confirmation during you play. World 60 is the one I used to complete this. Get all three magnet to pull at once and keep it in the air until you get your confirmation. 10 long seconds.


Posted on 07/08/2014

Cannot get Levitation achievement on Android! Tried levels 60 and 62, was waiting far more than 10 seconds – no luck. Looks like a bug, anyone has same problem and knows how to solve?


Posted on 07/23/2014

325 medals (mostly without hints even though I have the hint candy)


Posted on 07/23/2014

NEW! Cut the rope 3: Om Nom returns coming soon 2017-2018 with Om Nom and 2 new nommies!


Posted on 07/23/2014

anything you want to add just comment @CTR3 at the beginning


Posted on 07/23/2014

any ideas for my 2nd nommie? my first one is water drop


Posted on 07/29/2014

I do not know how to find out what achievements I have and which ones I need and I see a lot of other people are having the same issue. Can someone please help?!!


Posted on 08/15/2014

I finished “Levitation”


Posted on 08/15/2014

Ya, I had 24 out of 25 stars and when I signed into my google+ account it made me start all over again on getting the achievements. Word of advice: Sign into google+ BEFORE playing the game. 🙂


Posted on 08/16/2014

How to get curiosity achievement

Om Nom

Posted on 09/02/2014

I am Om Nom I like candies.How about you? You like a candies too?

After one year…

Posted on 09/08/2014

your Idevice does not work and then you have to back it up before restoring it.

Om Nom 2

Posted on 09/08/2014


Sampras v s

Posted on 09/19/2014

I hv to complete 2 more achievements help me


Posted on 11/09/2014

Thanks I did not find, where the achievment were. I believe you should pay. But with your list I have find the 2 missing The about page and the 10 secondes. Thanks


Posted on 11/09/2014

Anyone knows how to unlock the achievement slow and steady? The progress seems to be too slow for me.


Posted on 11/16/2014

Check about screen means literally check the “ABOUT” page in SETTINGS


Posted on 11/30/2014

the candy just falls down out in the ground. But I can still win..


Posted on 12/01/2014

Levitation is easy, just turn on botth magnets in same time when ball is in middle of them while in air…


Posted on 12/13/2014

Why is the medal on city break 4-5 different on my phone? Doing it without cutting the rope looks simple but on my phone it’s asking for just one star. How the hell do I do this?


Posted on 12/13/2014

Why is the medal on city break 4-5 different on my phone? Doing it without cutting the rope looks simple but on my phone it’s asking for just one star. How the hell do I do this?


Posted on 12/24/2014

After the completion of all levels, you get the congratulations “page”. There it says, “in the meantime here are still many things you can do.” Under that is your medal coin score, which is 324/324; but to the left of that is a cup medal, which says I only have 24/29. What is this medal?


Posted on 06/15/2015

Anybody have advice on how to get the “Creepy Flight” achievement? I see above level 106 is suggested but I can’t figure out how to do it. It’s the last achievement I need!!

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