Solution for Level 6-16 (Fruit Market)

How do you beat Cut the Rope 2 level 6-16 in Fruit Market? This page contains the solution of level 6-16 in episode 6 (Fruit Market) from the popular iOS and Android game Cut the Rope 2. This step-by-step walkthrough will guide you through each and every part of this game and assist you with the solution to complete this level with 3 stars.

3 stars

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Collect 3 stars. Don’t use Roto’s help

Current level

Level 6-16

Current episode

Fruit Market

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Posted on 08/10/2014

Both boos at bottom cut bottom rope cut left rope drop roto cut last boo cut last rope.


Posted on 11/17/2014

For medal move Snail brow slowly until the candy lines up with the left star. Then cut the rope between the 2 boos. As the boo swings drop it so that it sends Un Om into Push. Then drop the candy onto to left star. Let it roll toward Un Om. Launch Un Om so that the wood enters into Push. As Un Om lands he will roll into the candy.

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