Solution for Level 2-19 (Shooting the Candy)

How do you beat Cut the Rope Experiments level 2-19 in Shooting the Candy? This page contains the solution of level 2-19 in episode 2 (Shooting the Candy) from the popular iOS and Android game Cut the Rope Experiments. This step-by-step walkthrough will guide you through each and every part of this game and assist you with the solution to complete this level with 3 stars.

Cut the rope. The candy will fall, and once it passed the button, press it to shoot the candy with a new rope. The candy will swing to the right and collect a bubble. The rope should have the correct length so that the candy will enter the bubble. While the candy flies up, cut the rope to allow it to collect the star. Repeat for the 2 remaining stars: blow up the bubble, shoot it with a new rope so it will swing into a bubble and cut the rope to collect the star. After collecting the third star, cut the rope to allow the candy to fly up into Om Nom’s mouth. Feel free to add a comment when you’ve got a different strategy.
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This level contains Hidden Photo 2. Have a look at our complete list of all hidden photos to find more.

Current level

Level 2-19

Current episode

Shooting the Candy

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Tara Hindman

Posted on 04/14/2014

mine doesnt look like what you decribe or anything i see on youtube…all the other chapters and levels match up but not this one:( help? i have android

Mette M

Posted on 05/01/2014

I have the same problem as Tara. My lvl 19 in Shooting the Candy is not the same as the one shown here or any other place. Pls help, it’s the only lvl I’m messing a Star.

Elise C

Posted on 06/21/2014

My level 19 isn’t the same and your video

Sarah Cook

Posted on 07/16/2014

I’m having the same problem as Tara and Mette pls help pls pls pls its the only one I’m missing a star on (I have an iPod

Michal R.

Posted on 08/20/2014

As all the other people said level 2-19 on my iPad is not the same as your video. Every other video matches up but not this one.


Posted on 10/03/2014

Why is the thing different?!


Posted on 12/03/2014

I have played that lvl before and I know the solution but the New Cut the rope experiments has a different Set-up so PLS update!


Posted on 01/04/2015

Hi you guys, I think i have the same type of level 19 as all you do. And I have the solution. Shoot the first plunger thing at the candy and let it swing into the bubble. Then, shoot the second plunger thing at the candy when the candy is to the left of the dart thing. Then pop the bubble and cut the rope connecting to the first dart. Letting the candy swing into the next bubble. Then cut the rope, letting the candy float up. And pop the bubble and shoot out the dart. And then you’ll know what to do next. ????

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Posted on 01/01/2016

Oh, BTW, I forgot to add that they posted these videos a long time ago, so I assume that they forgot there was an update. I am still having trouble 3-starring that level, too. Hope they have an updated video soon.

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