Earn achievements by completing difficult tasks in the game Cut the Rope Experiments. There are a total of 39 achievements you can achieve. This page shows a list of all achievements from the game and explains how to earn them.

Crusader achievement


Complete The Middle Ages with 3 stars

Painted candies achievement

Painted candies

Complete The Renaissance

Om da Nomci achievement

Om da Nomci

Complete The Renaissance with 3 stars

AAARRRRRRR!!! achievement


Complete The Pirate Ship

Dead Man's Chest achievement

Dead Man’s Chest

Complete The Pirate Ship with 3 stars

TutankhaNom achievement


Complete Ancient Egypt

Treasures of the Pharaohs achievement

Treasures of the Pharaohs

Complete Ancient Egypt with 3 stars

Green philosopher achievement

Green philosopher

Complete Ancient Greece

Candies of Olympus achievement

Candies of Olympus

Complete Ancient Greece with 3 stars

CaveNom achievement


Complete The Stone Age

Bloodline achievement


Complete The Stone Age with 3 stars

Disco dancer achievement

Disco dancer

Complete Disco Era

Star of the dance floor achievement

Star of the dance floor

Complete Disco Era with 3 stars

Sheriff star achievement

Sheriff star

Complete Wild West

Most wanted achievement

Most wanted

Complete Wild West with 3 stars

Ahead of Time achievement

Ahead of Time

Complete The Future

Bright Future achievement

Bright Future

Complete The Future with 3 stars

Chinese WisdOmNom achievement

Chinese WisdOmNom

Complete Asian Dynasty

Master of Candy Arts achievement

Master of Candy Arts

Complete Asian Dynasty with 3 stars

Time traveller achievement

Time traveller

Collect 200 stars

Connection lost achievement

Connection lost

Desynchronize 10 candies

Ropes of ages achievement

Ropes of ages

Cut 500 ropes

Feeding time achievement

Feeding time

Stop the time when the candy flies into OmNom’s opened mouth

Bubbles of the ancestors achievement

Bubbles of the ancestors

Pop 50 bubbles

Vertigo achievement


Quickly turn OmNom’s platform 360 degrees

Split second achievement

Split second

Freeze time with the Time Stopper 200 times

Big Boom! achievement

Big Boom!

Explode 50 bombs

Wormholes achievement


Fly through 20 portals

Interrupted dialogue achievement

Interrupted dialogue

Feed the candy to OmNom while he is talking to a friend

Hidden door achievement

Hidden door

Flip OmNom 20 times

Into the future achievement

Into the future

Make 20 full clockwise turns

Back to the past achievement

Back to the past

Make 20 full counter-clockwise turns

Laser show achievement

Laser show

Block 10 different laser beams with the disco ball

Lasso master achievement

Lasso master

Connect candies with a rope 50 times

Tied Together achievement

Tied Together

Feed both OmNoms with candies tied with a rope

Hoverboarder achievement


Fly 100 zeptometers with flying OmNom

Fan of the hand fan achievement

Fan of the hand fan

Rotate fans 100 times



Posted on 07/08/2014

what do i make the 20 clockwise turns on?


Posted on 10/31/2014

Open level 6-1. Then turn the clock in that level clockwise. Repeat the action above until the achievement unlocked.


Posted on 11/04/2014

How do I pass laser show? I played through the disco world and nothing.

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