How to Make Relocating Your Car Sales Business Less Stressful


Removing stress from any kind of relocation comes down to planning. Plan well, and the amount of stress that you will feel will be far less than if you don’t bother to plan at all. Of course, relocating is far easier if you do not have to be out of your current location at a specific time to let new occupants in, but this will inevitably be out of your control unless you can afford to let your leases overlap.

However, areas where it is certainly in your control and where you can reduce your stress levels should be taken care of in due course. 

#1 Let customers know in advance 

One of the biggest challenges to relocating is the chance that it will cost you your current customer base or that your new one will be as good. However, there are different ways in which you can combat this.


Announce on your website that you are relocating. Make sure that you state the date and your new location address as well as contact numbers. This will allow any new or current customer who visits your site to be aware of where your business will be located.

Social media 

Don’t forget to make regular announcements and posts on your social media profile. This will let new, current, and past customers know of your relocation plans.

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Business cards 

Ensure that you have plenty of business cards printed ahead of time and that your employees provide any walk-in parties or customers with your new business cards as well as your current ones.

Flyers and posters

Place flyers and posters around your current site so that any visitors that your business may have for out-of-hours browsing can see the date of your move and the address of where your business will be located should they wish to make inquiries at a later date.

#2 Use transporters to move stock

Using specialized car transporters for moving stock makes huge sense. Businesses with these facilities can be found on shipping broker sites such as Shiply. They will be able to move your vehicles as one shipment rather than one at a time, or you driving each of the vehicles backward and forward. This will save:

  • Less expense on wear and tear and petrol costs
  • No additional mileage added to stock which could lower the selling price

#3 Create a closing bonanza and a grand opening

To increase additional knowledge and inspire sales, you could create a closing bonanza and offer discounts on certain vehicles over the course of the week leading up to your move. As well as this, celebrating a grand opening could also see an influx of potential customers coming through your car showroom door, but you will have to consider offering them some kind of incentive to get them to part with their cash or to get their attention.

Final thoughts

It is important that you plan every detail of your move. Getting the help of professional movers and car transporters will inevitably decrease your stress levels. However, you should make sure that you do everything that you can to ensure that your current and past customers (as well as any new potential customers) know where to find your business for future sales.

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