How to Study Effectively and Improve Your Performance? Life Hacks to Consider

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There is no better way to accelerate your career than to become knowledgeable and most competent in your profession. Of course, it will be impossible to do so without proper learning of subjects. You need to be motivated and determined to achieve your goals.


A lot of people face the problem of concentrating fully on studying. No wonder because over 60% have the same issue. We have collected life hacks for you that will help you learn new things quickly and productively.

Find the Right Place for Learning

You shouldn’t be distracted. If possible, provide yourself with such conditions in which no one will disturb you. You should be comfortable.


Alistair McConville in his book Learning to Learn, advises trying to study with background music. He is sure that if you choose the right background music, you can significantly increase productivity and concentration. It is hard not to agree with the author because the music has an immense impact on your performance.

Avoid Multitasking

Multitasking is a common problem that affects a lot of people when they sit down for learning. Make sure you are only focused on one thing and not 4 at the same time. There are students who learn, watch a movie and chat with their friends simultaneously. This is not going to give you the desired result. Our brain can do a lot of things but has its limits as well.

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Also if you are fond of gambling make sure to avoid it during your studies. Try to find other time for online sports betting and watching football because your brain will be fully focused on the latter. 

Tidy Table and Studying Environment

Remove all unnecessary books and unwashed cups. Don’t let the chaos around you annoy you. During the study, attention should be focused on the study itself, and not on thoughts about cleaning up. Useless things make your studying experience bad and you should be fully focused on learning, not the things around you.

More Light

The more light in your workplace, the more pleasant it is to work. Your eyes don’t get irritated and your brain doesn’t waste energy staring at the lines. Psychologists are sure that the light also creates the illusion of the middle of the day, which helps to deceive the body and make it work a little more even late in the evening.

Stay Away from Social Network

If you know that someone needs to contact you about an important matter, give your phone number. There is nothing more useful on Instagram and Facebook at the time of the study. Fencing off social networks for a while, you will do things much faster and better. A lot of students, while studying quickly turn to social networks and completely ignore their subjects.

Reward Yourself

Did you read some important chapters? Break for a movie. Have you watched the tutorial video? Have some tea. Even a small incentive makes your work more productive. However make sure, you do not get too distracted with these rewards. 

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Break for Physical Activity

Get up from the table, walk around the apartment, and do a little exercise. Switching from mental activity to a warm-up will invigorate you and supply oxygen to your brain. At the same time, exercising is great for your physical health as well.

Don’t Give Up

Sometimes learning something new can be extremely difficult and unyielding. Failures and stuffed bumps are constant companions of personal growth. Only by overcoming yourself and not losing optimism, you can achieve the desired results. It is not easy of course, but eventually, you will get the taste of your victory.


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