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Managing a family’s schedule can be hard work. From play dates for the kids, to homework, PTA meetings, and after-work engagements, things can get a little crazy. Thankfully, we live in an age when apps are there to make just about every part of our lives a lot more manageable. 

Regardless of the device you use, whether it be iOS or Android, the App Store and Play Store are both excellent sources for unlimited app downloads. We’ve put together this list of apps that have been created to help you manage those everyday tasks so you can spend more time focusing on the things you love. 

Take a look at them below.

Cozi Family Organizer

This app is an award-winning one and acts as an all-in-one family assistant that will help everyone stay on top of their schedules. The app’s calendar keeps track of all important dates and events and sets reminders for the whole family. It also features a shopping list feature, which all members of the family can add to, and it will update in real-time. And when you’re home from the grocery store, you can consult Cozi’s recipe box feature to help you prepare a delicious, wholesome meal for your family.  

Be Closer

This app is perfect for everyone who needs to keep track of where each member of the family is. This is especially useful for parents of teens who go out with their friends independently. Be Closer is a great way to give you peace of mind when your family members are out and about, as you can keep an eye on their location at all times. 

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Instant Aid

This app is perfect for parents as it provides quick first-aid tips. It contains clear, concise content, as well as quizzes to help you refresh your knowledge. In case of emergencies, Instant Aid will provide trained first responders with step-by-step guidance to remind them of best practices and to help them follow the necessary steps correctly. Other tips you can expect from this app include where to call for help when you need it, as well as ideas on how to stock your first-aid kit.


Quirl is great for helping kids learn a bit more about responsibility, particularly the younger ones. This app links parent-set tasks to another child-friendly app that’s full of game-inspired motivations. It turns chores into a game through fun graphics, competitions, achievements, and other customizable options that will help kids meet their responsibilities and reap rewards like pocket money. It also frees up more of your time to play games too, such as the ones where you can claim an online casino welcome bonus.


OurHome is the perfect family app that helps members create and edit to-do lists, as well as add new tasks and assigns each one to a particular member of the family. Parents can award points as tasks are completed, and these points can be redeemed for customizable prizes, like a dinner at a favorite pizza place, or a computer game, for example. The great thing about OurHome is that you can make it appeal to your household specifically.


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